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Life can be challenging especially when unforeseen circumstances can mean big changes. We’re here to provide you with the right support, guidance, assistance and advice. We’ll help you navigate these hard times and provide the best solutions for everyone involved.

Family Law Lawyer

About Zeta Law Firm

At Zeta Law, we are a highly-skilled team that is educated in a wide range of legal areas with a specialization in family law.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional legal services to help clients get the best possible outcomes. We understand our clients' stress and approach each situation with exceptional care.

Family Law Legal Team

Meet the team

Our Anaheim lawyers and support team offer a client-focused approach to family law. We utilize the latest in cloud-based technologies to ensure you receive the best legal experience.

R. Simpson

R. Simpson

Founder & Principal Lawyer

A highly experienced lawyer, Robbie has been providing strategic legal advice for 16 years. Robbie helps his clients navigate legal matters and disputes that can arise in the course of family life, work, and the administration of an estate.

M. Angilletta

M. Angilletta


Melissa is a confident, trustworthy and dedicated advocate. She strives to analyze and understand your situation from both a legal and personal viewpoint. Melissa provides advice that is practical and strives to bring clients the results they deserve.

A. Siegmann

A. Siegmann

Associate Counsel

Amanda is a family law lawyer with more than a decade of experience. For his entire legal career, Amanda has focused on resolving matters involving children, support, and division of assets. Thoughtful and attentive in his approach to advocacy, Amanda stays focused on securing results for his clients.

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